Jimmy Nalls - Timeline

Born in Washington, D.C.
at George Washington University Hospital
May 31, 1951
Lives in suburban Maryland ca. 1951-57
Parents’ marriage breaks up ca. 1957
Moves to Arlington, Va. ca. 1958
Attends St. Thomas Moore
from 2nd grade to 7th grade
Enters Kenmore Jr. High (7th grade) January, 1963
8th Grade
The Morticians
The Malibus
Sophomore (Washington-Lee High School)
The Chessmen
Skin Flower
The Penny Arcade
The Penny Arcade
Moves to New York January, 1970
Gary Shearston / Noel Stookey projects 1970
Joins Alex Taylor Friends and Neighbors Band 1971
Paul And  released July, 1971
Noel Stookey Carnegie Hall Concert December, 1971
Alex Taylor’s Dinnertime  released February, 1972
Performs with Dr. John ca. Summer 1972
Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival w/ Dr. John September 9, 1972
Taylor-Nalls ABC-Dunhill project Fall, 1972
Noel Paul Stookey’s One Night Stand released January, 1973
D.C. Dog begins rehearsals January, 1973
Meets future wife, Patricia “Minni” Lowe Spring, 1973
Chuck Leavell asks Jimmy to jam at an
Allman Brothers Band sound check
September 11, 1975
Bobby Whitlock’s Rock Your Sox Off released April 2, 1976
Lloyd Price’s Music, Music released 1976
JN invited to join Sea Level June, 1976
Public announcement of formation of Sea Level August, 1976
Records debut album Sea Level October, 1976
Cats on the Coast released ca. January, 1978
Sea Level plays Montreaux Jazz Festival July, 1978
On the Edge released ca. September, 1978
Sea Level records Long Walk on a Short Pier June, 1979
Capricorn Records announces
cutbacks and layoffs
July, 1979
Capricorn seeks bankruptcy protection November, 1979
Jennifer Amanda Nalls born December 31, 1979
Ball Room (Arista) released ca. August, 1980
Sea Level disbands 1981-1982
Touring with Noel Paul Stookey Spring-Summer, 1982
James A. “Buddy” Nalls IV born May 19, 1984
JN leaves for Australian tour
with Noel Paul Stookey
February, 1985
JN tours with B.J. Thomas April-October, 1985
JN moves to Nashville 1986
JN plays with Charly McClain band 1986-1987
JN joins The Nighthawks January, 1988
Nighthawks start Scandinavian tour May 14, 1988
Nighthawks leave for Japanese tour August 28, 1988
Nighthawks begin European tour October 30, 1988
Nighthawks record at Butch Truck’s
Pegasus Studios
Feb. 27 - Mar. 1, 1989
JN’s last Nighthawks gig September 22, 1990
JN begins rehearsing with T. Graham Brown October 10, 1990
T.G.B. releases You Can’t Take It With You 1991
JN first notices Parkinson’s symptoms Fall, 1993
JN leaves T. Graham Brown band Fall, 1995
JN learns he has Parkinson’s disease December, 1995
JN begins work on Ain’t No Stranger 1998
Ain’t No Stranger released 1999
JN’s first brain surgery November 1, 2000
JN benefit show at Nashville’s Exit / In November 19, 2000
JN’s second brain surgery October 31, 2002
JN benefit show at 3rd & Lindsley April 15, 2004
JN benefit shows at 3rd & Lindsley May 2-3, 2005
Amanda Lane Manso is born
( Jimmy & Minni's first grandchild )
September 2, 2005
Lays down guitar track on T. Graham Brown CD
April 9, 2006
JN benefit show at 3rd & Lindsley
April 24, 2006
Jimmy & Minni become grandparents
again to twin boys,  James and Tyler
September 12, 2006
Jimmy succumbed to the Parkinson's when he fell
at home and passed away.
June 12, 2017